Estela Olivares, R.N, M.A.

Practice Description:
My present position is at the Marriage & Family Institute of San Antonio. In this span of time I have worked with families, individuals, couples, adolescents and children. My experiences extend to schools and community services as a community speaker in specific areas of mental health and mental health services. My primary focus is conducting psychotherapy and identifying trauma in people’s lives that may have occured in their developmental years. A systemic approach therefore is my orientation together with treatment-specific planning with each individual client.
Whether it is within the family system, couples, individuals or young adults, one brings the experience of growing up and developing within the parental or care giver system. This can be rich with both nurturance and/or trauma. Hence coping and adaptation in the individual varies from a positive healthy adaptation to one of maladaptiveness as seen in the use of substance or other traumatic alternatives.I have been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1996. My experience in conducting Individual & Marriage & Family Therapy extends beyond my Marriage & Family Licensure – Since 1971 my experience in the mental health field as a psychiatric registered nurse is extensive in both the Mental Health field as a psychiatric registered nurse in acute settings and includes poly-substance detox and stabilization. Trauma work as in early childhood and developmental years is my specialization.

My work then covers poly-substance dependence and abuse, traumatic relationships, parenting, conflicted developmental processes as well as systems consultation. Communication skills, conflict management, violence and anger management are the vast areas in which my work evolves.

My work in the mostly spanish speaking community is carried out thru contractual agreement with Christus Santa Rosa Life Cycles at the Christus Santa Rosa Life Cycles Westside Clinic. Individuals, families and couples are seen in either crisis work or on weekly sessions. Young adults and adolescents within parental approval (as required by law where applicable), are seen related to  pregnancy, parenting, relational skills and family planning.


UCLA – 1974

St. Mary’s University  – 1994


LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


English & Espanol