Norma S. Guerra, Ph.D

Practice Description:

Dr. Norma S. Guerra, Ph.D. has expertise in working with children, parents and families.  She is a trained mediator and has worked as a consultant and as a faculty member in major universities.  Dr. Guerra developed the LIBRE Model, a problem solving activity that can be used to assess engagement styles.  The LIBRE Model also has a diagnostic function from which interventions can be developed to assist children, youth, and adults.

The primary focus of Dr. Guerra’s work as been in educational settings, however she has also worked with for-profit and non-profit agencies. She also has experience with at-risk issues involving minority children, adolescents, and adults, and has experience in psychological assessment and diagnostic interventions with at-risk populations in the schools and rural communities.  Rounding out her accomplishments, Dr. Guerra has held executive positions at major institutions; is an organizational consultant at the national level. Her research involves the role of critical thinking and problem solving; and she has several publications addressing mediation and problem solving in the workplace. She is a significant state and national presenter.


Ph.D. Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

M.A. University of Texas at San Antonio

B.A. Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas


LSSP (Licensed Specialty in School Psychology)

NCSP (National Certification in School Psychology)

LPC – S (Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor)

Educational Diagnostician

Certified Teacher


English & Spanish