About Us


The Marriage & Family Institute of San Antonio, Inc., founded by Maria T. Flores, Ph.D. is a private, non-profit, organization whose primary purpose is to promote health by alleviating marriage, family and individual distress and dysfunction. The Institute focuses on healing and growth in family relationships. Systemic thinking and practice serves to view clients in a personal and social context. It is through dialogue and a collaborative interchange among couples and family members that understanding is discovered.

A highly qualified staff of marriage and family therapists and psychotherapists serve as the Institute’s primary treatment providers. This interdisciplinary approach is designed to maximize clinical input and carefully match the unique needs of each client with the background and experience of each therapist.

Mission Statement:
We are a team of highly trained and experienced group of marriage and family therapists. We believe in facilitating individuals, couples, and families, helping them to realize their relationship goals. We believe that  inso doing, we help our clients to open the door to optimal mental and emotional health so they can embrace health, wellness and the life they desire.