Growth Groups & Classes


Transitional Growth Groups for individuals and couples are a great opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones. These groups facilitate gaining new insights and practicing new behaviors with supportive peers.


Women’s Growth Group:

Maria Zeitz, R.N.,M.S. specializes in working with postpartum depression . She works with indvidual women, includes spouse when needed, works with the mother and child, and groups. Increase your self-knowledge, relationship and communication skills, positive use of power, setting goals and healthy boundaries.


Parenting Classes:

Learn how to create more satisfying, productive relationships with your children!

Martha J. Martinez, M.A. works with parents and children to help them understand how to create a home atmosphere that works for all.


Workshops are available:

Anger Management is a valueable means to a healthier life. Estela Olivares, R.N.,M.A helps individuals learn how to manage their life in a way that is productive for their marriage and for their family.  How to be gentle and respectful is a skill that can be learned.

The Couple Enrichment Course will increase your self knowledge and that of your partner, strengthen your communication and conflict resolution skills, and enhance your total relationship.

Religious orders of men and women often look for a facilitator to help them with group processes. Maria T. Flores, Ph.D. works with communities who are looking for growth groups for special retreats or education experiences. She also works with formation groups, communities, seminarians, in an on going manner.


For more information on any of these programs call Valerie @ (210) 226-8407