Individual Therapy

Stress is the number one reason for an individual seeking  individual therapy.  Stress can upset, confuse, and devastate a person. This can mean that an overwhelming feeling can paralyze. This can result in the two distinct extremes: depression or anxiety. And for some people stress hits with the double extremes. Developing skills to handle a busy life is a most valuable tool for our century.

Another common stressor and a  reason for seeking therapy is a death, divorce or a break up. A broken heart is an emotionally charged moment in a persons life. Hurt and pain at a love lost is a turning point for most of us.. What to do, where to go, how to move on are all critical questions. Making sure that the loss is not filled up with destructive behavior or a breakdown filled with tears and self loathing can be a question for some people.  A revengeful moment can lead to much regret. A pathetic plea for reconciliation can be embarrassing on reflection. Processing and saying a healthy goodbye can be important for a persons future. Reaching inside  for self knowledge and self worth is the path of choice.